RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme 2017/18 Conclusion

Jon Watkins, RIBA Regional Director, concluded the RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme 2017/18 at an event at Bristol UWE on Thursday, where mentors and mentees presented their work; including office visits & site visits; and discussed the benefits of the scheme. 32 architects mentored 83 students at Bristol UWE for the 2017/18 scheme.

The mentoring scheme is intended to give students an insight into practice and to enhance their learning experience. In 2016/17, around 900 students and 450 mentors took part in the RIBA student mentoring scheme nationwide, with the national numbers for the 2017/18 to be announced in the coming weeks.

Thank you to the 5 architects in Gloucestershire that supported the 2017/18 scheme, mentoring 14 students:

  • Joyce Clifford, Associate at Quattro Design Architects
  • Jennifer Huson, Architect at Quattro Design Architects
  • Shivam Garg, Architect at Roberts Limbrick
  • Stephen Limbrick, Director at Roberts Limbrick
  • Tom Bell, Architect at Quattro Design Architects

We look forward to welcoming you back for the 2018/19 Mentoring Scheme.