RIBA Associate Membership

To become an RIBA Associate Member, your must have:

  • completed RIBA Parts 1 and 2 or equivalent
  • completed a qualification in architecture as covered by the EU Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC)

If you’ve completed Part 3, or are an EU graduate who has 2 or more years of practical experience, you can join now as a Chartered Member.

If you haven’t completed Part 2 yet, you can apply for free Student Memberhip.


Being connected to clients, other architects and the latest developments in the profession is invaluable, and RIBA Membership makes this possible.

  • join one of over 70 local, member-run branchand connect with other RIBA members via meet-ups, building tours, talks and social events
  • for advice about a local issue or to get involved, you can approach one of our 11 local RIBA offices throughout the UK
  • participate in UK branch volunteer initiatives such as architecture festivals, work with local schools and public exhibitions
  • enhance your skills and share your views via knowledge-sharing events and online social media communities
  • if you’re based outside the UK, get involved with a local chapter in the UAE, Hong Kong or the USA


We share your passion for architecture, and develop thought-provoking exhibitions and cultural events to stimulate your creativity and appeal to the wider public. We champion the highest standards of professional and ethical standards, actively lobbying government to influence change using feedback and opinions from you. As an Associate Member you will:

  • receive regular updates on RIBA national policyprogress in areas such as housing regulations, sustainability, and Brexit
  • work with your RIBA regional office to campaign on issues affecting your area
  • get member rates or free entry to RIBA’s exciting calendar of events, talks, tours and exhibitions across the country and internationally
  • use the RIBA Library and V&A collection to access the world’s largest collection of architectural books, journals, drawings and phtographs in person and online


We’re here to provide you with guidance and professional support at every stage of your career.

  • access specialist knowledge on topics such as working internationally, BIM, procurement or the RIBA Plan of Work by phone or email
  • use the Library Enquiry Service for research assistance and copies or scans of journal and periodical articles
  • use our Resumé application to manage job searches
  • fact sheets on marketing, finding a job and managing finances
  • get a range of discounts on high street brands, cinema tickets, holidays, insurance and more


Knowledge is the key to progression and development. We help our members acquire as much as possible by hosting CPD events, conferences and workshops right across the UK, including:

  • free CPD sessions via CPD roadshows across the country on 25 dates in 18 locations
  • member-only rates for the RIBA Core Curriculum, voted by RIBA members as the industry’s 10 most essential skills this year
  • member-only rates for  RIBA courses including Future Leaders
  • CPDs in business skills such as digital marketing, networking and team-building
  • receive a free subscription to the monthly RIBA Journal
  • access 2,500+ articles on architectural practice, culture and opinion online for free, via RIBAJ.com (print and digital subscription worth £158)